Welcome to the American Society of Biomechanics Teaching Repository. This site is a collection of biomechanics educational materials created by repository members. The goals of the ASB Teaching Repository are:

  • To increase interaction between its members by sharing biomechanics educational materials they have had success with.
  • To increase the availability of high quality biomechanics educational materials for both its members and the greater teaching community, such as K-12 teachers.
  • To increase students’ understanding of biomechanics at all grade levels by sharing high quality biomechanics educational materials.

Please sign up for an account to view or contribute to the repository. We welcome all students and educators to view the educational materials on this site, as long as they abide by the listed ASB Teaching Repository Rules and Terms and Conditions of Use and the site’s Privacy Policy.

For a short history of the ASB Teaching Repository, check out the ASB2016 Teaching Symposium abstract.